The roadmap reflects stakeholder expectations:

The roadmap reflects stakeholder expectations:

A Roadmap

The Roadmap (derived from the logics presented in “Managing Alliances with the Balanced Scorecard”, by Kaplan, Norton, Rugelsjoen, Harvard Business Review, January–February 2010, p. 114 – 120) reflects stakeholder expectations from an Executive Management, Business Unit Management, IT Management and IT Risk Management perspective where: Stakeholder Expectations Drives Business (IT) Objectives that Delivers the Business (IT) Road Map executed by Employees & Organisation.


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What the reviewers said: “Deliver Business Value with IT” is an extremely solid piece of work that comes across as the A-Z reference of how to execute and implement IT strategy from a CIO level perspective. The reader will learn robust approaches to deliver services designed to support IT and Business drivers. The perspective that Martin spells out permits an overview of how to leverage existing frameworks but also to effectively support the execution of an IT Strategy aligned with the Business Strategy.

(Jean-Louis Leignel, Ex CIO of the Schneider Electric Group ; past vice-chairman of ISACA (Information System Audit and Control Association), of ISACA’s IT Governance Committee and of the AFAI association (ISACA’s french chapter))


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