The Service Strategy support Business Drivers:

The Service Strategy support Business Drivers:

The Service Strategy support Business Drivers as Business (IT) Drivers Drives Demand and Cost Drivers and Delivers the (IT) Service Strategy that is Executed towards Metrics.

IT provides competitive leverage. Priorities from an Executive Management Perspective: IT supports the achievement of strategic business objectives, IT Delivers value to expenditure, IT cost is managed effectively, IT risk is identified and managed, Targeted inter company IT synergies deliver to schedule, We have a clear vision towards which we expect the IT department to deliver.

IT delivers to demand and cost drivers. Priorities from a Business Unit Management Perspective: IT supports the achievement of tactical business objectives, IT delivers perceived added value services and at a reasonable cost, IT delivers to operational and service level agreements (commitments), IT investments positively affect business productivity and the customer experience, We have a clear process vision to which we expect the IT department to deliver.

The IT Strategy support Business objectives as we meet Priorities from an IT Management Perspective: We understand stakeholder expectations and propose a service portfolio that correspond to both Demand and Cost drivers with a focus on perfect order business transactions, We develop the professional competencies needed for successful service delivery, We capture organisational knowledge to continuously improve performance, The IT and Stakeholder departments have clear objectives, processes and indicators with clear accountability and responsibility to deliver to set objectives.

Business Continuity is ensured. Priorities from an IT Risk Management Perspective: The organisations assets and operations are protected, Key business and technology risk is effectively managed, Effective process, practise and controls are in place, We have clear security objectives to which we expect IT to deliver.

Where the Bottom Line is that to leverage competitive advantage with new technology is “nice to have”, to keep the business systems running is mission critical!


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What the reviewers said: “Deliver Business Value with IT” is an extremely solid piece of work that comes across as the A-Z reference of how to execute and implement IT strategy from a CIO level perspective. The reader will learn robust approaches to deliver services designed to support IT and Business drivers. The perspective that Martin spells out permits an overview of how to leverage existing frameworks but also to effectively support the execution of an IT Strategy aligned with the Business Strategy.

(Jean-Louis Leignel, Ex CIO of the Schneider Electric Group ; past vice-chairman of ISACA (Information System Audit and Control Association), of ISACA’s IT Governance Committee and of the AFAI association (ISACA’s french chapter))


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