Value, Profit, People – What is your unique competitive advantage?

Value, Profit, People – What is your unique competitive advantage?

To leverage IT to execute on the set business strategy we need to effectively focus on:

Value, Profit and people aligned to create a unique competitive advantage.

The tandem is an excellent metaphor for the Business IT relationship. Where Information Technology can accellerate “Go to market”, “Cycle time” and “Cost effectiveness” it is for the Business to set direction and for the IT Department to support the business model.

This is also true for the non brick and mortar references that have emerged from silicon valley. Amazon sells books and online store space. Google the opportunity to find things + run applications on a cloud (mutualised storage space outside the firewall) + hosted services such as email (the opportunity to communicate in writing and keep a trace). Ebay enables the exchange of goods. Twitter provides a tool for self promotion and advertisement. Facebook fills the void of distance and keep the contact with your friends and the opportunity to make new acquantainces. Linkedin the opportunity to keep up to date with your professional network + some promotional features. The business model sets the direction enabled by best in class technology.

Chapter 1. To deliver Business Value with IT we need to Design, Build and Run an Effective IT (Service) Strategy to business needs.

This is a breakout from Deliver Business Value with IT (the Book) that you can find as well as (Actionable Story Boards) @ that is flick out the slide set on your ipad and start to share with your CIO, Executives and Board.


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