Do you want to stay on top of your IT and Digital and Mobile strategy and deliver to the needs of the business?

I thought that you would find this of interest and in particular how security, IT, Infrastructure, Mobile and “Digital” multi channel web services (FB, you name it…) demand management is addressed orchestrated and provisioned effectively (we most likely could have prevented the security default mess @ Target). Bottom line we ensure that applications and the network are up an running and secure.


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I have over the last 15 years worked with a COO / CIO audience on how to “deliver business value with IT” and I thought that you would find it of interest to see how you can pull the IT delivery model together and keep mission critical applications and the network up and running to “keep the business in business” and deliver end-to-end.

We do this as we Discover, Model, Manage the Availability, Performance and Security of Business Critical applications and the network and ensure that Business Services are delivered end-to-end (Monitor, Orchestrate and Provision).


Network (IT, Web and Business) services are spelled out with SLA’s, OLA’s, chargeback / show back. If you have a large number of networks and multiple network providers you need to understand the application layer, if services invoiced from outsourced providers are delivered and at cost, impact of outages, how to fix them, penalize outsourced providers and pinpoint where the problem is.
We provide 100% instant discovery rate of the network and 80% of applications outsourced providers, cloud included the import of visio (Aris, Mega) diagrams is used to map and discover homebuilt applications (the 20 % that might not have been auto discovered), this would include applications that sit on a mainframe as access is given.
Once the information collected we build and host a world class CMDB.As the technical service catalogue is consolidated ( this includes thatIT infrastructure demand management is addressed effectively, this recent article from McKinsey and Company spells out the logics that can be delivered “out of the box”) we can orchestrate business and IT services (business & IT service catalogue) with IAM and self service store fronts.


Web services such as Facebook, Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity (you name it) can be provisioned and orchestrated as access is given as the the platform is designed with a SOA compliant massively scalable Enterprise Service Bus (web services) at its core. We can move data to/from any system to any system. FB can be used as point of contact, first level help desk with end – to – end integration of the work flow behind.

A Big (picture) data application approach would ensure network and application security but is not limited to IT:

“Data analysis and aggregation increase efficiency and improve safety. Oil and gas companies are faced with collecting, storing and analyzing massive amounts of information associated with well site and pipeline transport data, carbon accounting data and safety management demands needed to reduce or eliminate the potential for catastrophic failures. Oil and gas companies must aggregate and analyze vast amounts of data both real time and offline to acquire the information they need to operate safely and efficiently. We provides a Big Data aggregation capability with massive scalability for pulling together disparate data from real-time and offline sources. It enables real-time processing of data for normalization and an analysis engine for doing real-time inline data analysis for detection of anomalies and patterns of interest to safety and performance. Capable of processing 500,000 events per second, the data analysis engine is unmatched in scalability and performance.”

Clients: US Army, US Marines, and US Federal Aviation Administration, Verizon, AT & T, Direct TV, Starz, Bloombergs, Global Payments.

Bottom line: we deploy “business technology” with end-to-end process delivery and captured in a business service catalogue (and follow up on delivery (SLA’s, OLA’s) as well as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Cost, Consumption, Show back / Chargeback as needed) supported by IT services provisioned in an IT service and technical catalogue (SLA,s, OLA’s + TCO) as well as the possibility to follow up on the delivery of outsourced providers (SLA,s, OLA’s + TCO) to ensure that services are delivered and at set cost and that the IT Business Model supports the Business (IT) Value Proposition.

From a business perspective this permit service provisioning and orchestration where we set up self service store fronts (internal / external (ecommerce)) that can be accesses in a browser / app format, with full range Identity Access Management that fully leverages internal and external cloud initiatives, that is regardless of where the data / applications sit.


Where is the beef? As a part of my thought leadership effort where I help an international COO / CIO audience to “Deliver Business Value with IT” (the “value proposition” often implies to think outside the Gartner quadrant and look @ industrial highly scalable “swiss army knife” IT tools that does not fit in to a neat little box), I would like to invite you to discover a slide set on how to stay on top of your IT and Digital and Mobile strategy and deliver to the needs of the business.

Step 1: “We keep the business in business” and demonstrate that we do so as we keep applications and the network up an running, that is we ensure service delivery (Network Management, Service Management, Provisioning to support business needs and big data analysis), we “pull the IT stack together” as we Consolidate the Technical Service Catalogue and build an effective CMDB.In business terms this translates in to the ability to in 10 minutes time-to-set-up and visualize an “As Is” of services (applications, how they interrelate and that they run correctly), network and security performance in real time with actionable reporting (Orchestration and provisioning: Discover, Model, Manage: Availability, Performance, Security). It also means that we address bottlenecks as they appear rather that when users complain and the ability to follow up on outsourced contracts (SLA’s, OLA’s, pinpoint breaches).Performance dashboards are available in real time with the possibility to drill down and we are able to in a couple of minutes pull together the critical services, network and security report.

Step 2: We ensure that business services are delivered end-to-end (We pull the ERP landscape together and stay on top of the IT and Digital and Mobile strategy and deliver to the needs of the business as platforms, dashboards, internal and external self service storefronts, AIMs are available in a browser or an app format as needed), that is we Consolidate the Business Service Catalogue.

Step 3: We build an effective IT Delivery Model to meet Business Needs (build an effective relationship with your stakeholders as you understand their expectations and build a clear IT Business Model and Value Proposition).

What is in it for me? Bottom line: we consolidate the “IT Business Model” (security, architecture, delivery capability, IT Strategy delivery articulated in services) bottom up with a tool set that gives you the opportunity to deliver IT services end-to-end where mission critical network services are kept up an running and IT and network, service provisioning and service orchestration performance “Big Data” (an overview) is available in a dash board at the tip of your fingers and permit you to pilot and follow up on, delivery and consumption of services in real time.

We do this with end-to-end delivery through scalable and secure network management (Discovery, Planning, Configuration, Reporting), service management, self service provisioning, service orchestration, internal and client facing self service store fronts (IAM) that support handheld and BYOD that helps you get the job done regardless of where data and applications “sit” to fully leverage internal / external cloud efforts that you should find of interest (product oriented).

Do you want to stay on top of your IT and Digital and Mobile strategy and deliver to the needs of the business?