Bi Modal IT – that is how do we support rapidly emerging Business Needs and keep the lights on.

We have over the last couple of months seen a raging debate of the practicability and pertinence or non pertinence of a bimodal IT Business Model with the objective to support rapidly emerging Business Needs and keep the lights on.

Bottom line is that we need to keep IT running to address “Business as usual” that is update ERP, CRM, Financial Applications but also attend to business needs as well as address new emerging business opportunities.
Lack of visibility, trying to figure out if applications run, are optimised and and hit the ground running full on “Digital” and mobile that is customer facing but also where internal apps deliver an optimised customer experience has emerged as a priority.
Within the frame of an internal, hybrid and or external cloud, are IT responsible for the IT infrastructure only or also that the applications are up and running and the overall cloud operation optimised “as a service”?
In order to address bi modal IT we have opted for the following approach where we work with some of the worlds most innovative, largest and most prestigious companies:
Service brokerage including cloud services. How do you address business, IT and cloud services where  we have delivered a number of projects where we have leveraged a best in class front end for complex Business / IT services where existing solutions have demonstrated teething problems notably within the frame for a shared service centre where we have leveraged best in class IT ticketing back ends such as Service Now, BMC Remedy, HP Service Manager with best best in class service reporting and Digital & Application Performance Management.
I believe that this IT4IT intervention “How to run a professional IT shop” by Rob Akershoek resumes the perimeter covered well and so does his much appreciated intervention for the open group on IT4IT :
How do we: 
–  Maintain and publish a unified service catalogue
– Provide a self service portal for consumers to request IT services
– Maintain subscriptions and access rights
– Streamline and automate the end-to-end request fulfillment process; and orchestrate delivery across multiple internal and external service providers
– Monitor actual consumption and cost
– Provide showback and chargeback to influence consumption
– Automatically update and maintain the CMDB and subscription administration
Key related ITIL processes to the Request to Fulfill IT Value Stream:  
– Service catalogue management
– Request Fulfillment
– Access Management
– Release and Deployment management
– Change management
– Capacity management
– Supplier management
– Service asset & configuration management
– Financial management for IT
Key related concepts:  
– IT4IT Reference Architecture
– Continuous delivery (CD)
– Request fulfillment (ITIL)
– Identity and access management
– DevOps
Do drop me a line @ would you like to understand how we have delivered best in class service brokerage for some of the worlds most prestigious and innovative companies.
Cheers Martin

A recognized thought leader please find my contribution @ affiliated with the book by the same name that you can find @  together with specific roadmaps to hit “the road running” with a best in class blue print leveraged in a number of spin offs and strategic road maps based on work that I have performed for clients that would include well know fortune 50 to 500 @


Bi Modal IT – that is how do we support rapidly emerging Business Needs and keep the lights on.

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