How actionable are your IT KPI’s?

Actionable KPI’s are business critical and the reason why have accepted to step up as Director EMEA for Northcraft Analytics but I will continue to work with the providers that I support.

The short version is that Northcraft Analytics permit effective dynamic “Big Data for IT” reporting and analytics with actionable KPI’s where native reporting from BMC, ServiceNow and HP does not and I thought that you could find this of interest.
The key differentiator between Northcraft Analytics and for example Service Now reporting is that ServiceNow propose basic reporting with a cost notion tagged to it where Nortcraft permit to follow:
– the time to delivery of requested services and the ability to address bottlenecks in real time 
– as well as ensure to have an acceptable incident management time to resolution with the ability to drill down to solve bottle necks in real time
Northcraft Analytics provide a best in class solution with actionable KPI’s presented in executive friendly scorecards with 1500 + Key Metrics and Key performance indicators where our pre-built Hybrid OLAP (HOLAP) BI Applications scale to meet the needs of very large IT organisations, such as ExxonMobil, Cox Enterprises, Novartis, Turner Broadcasting
Data can be presented in any format and to the required audience in a number of visual forms, can be leveraged from Microsoft Dynamics, Service Now, BMC, and installation can be on premise or on cloud and a data example can be spun up on AWS in a matter of minutes. That is we can build a demo with your data in a matter of minutes.
If you have planned to move from BMC / HP / CA to Service Now Northcraft gives you enough visibility to ensure services levels remain acceptable.
Northcraft permit to ensure executive buy in and effectively address bottle necks in how services are delivered and avoid “ticketing fatigue” that is when users no longer bother to submit a ticket and ensure that you run a best in class service organisation.
The below introduction should give you a good overview of how to leverage your ServiceNow / BMC / HP / CA / ITOM investment and this video will give you an idea what can be achieved by this what have been qualified as “very cool product” if you have too much haystack and not enough needles this is for you: 
– Business Intelligence Applications for IT:
– Tableau ServiceNow Executive Dashboard:
– Best Practices for Dashboard Creation :
– Real time dashboards in excel for IT:
– ServiceNow Request Management Measurement:
– PowerBI + ServiceNow + Northcraft Analytics = Amazing (Incident Management):
– More Incidents, Lower Average Resolution Time?
– Live Relative Date Filtering in Excel with Northcraft Analytics:
– IT Mashup! Events & Configuration Items:
– Live Relative Date Filtering in Excel with Northcraft Analytics:
Northcraft Analytics is a Gartner leader and you will find the Gartner report towards the end of the enclosed white paper booklet that would also provide more granular technical information.
One of the key challenges we often see with data collection into a data lake / reporting environment is the maintenance of the ETL layer. For example : new fields are added, labels of fields are modified, field types/length, relationships, etc. traditional ETL tools require a lot of effort.
Northcraft provides a solution that is pre-built, incremental, parallel and handles exceptions.  80% of our development effort is the ETL for the enterprise applications we support.
If you have sample data we can spin it up in AWS in a matter of minutes to showcase:
Bottom line is that Northcraft Analytics is the only solution on the market that leverage what you have in place and validate / valorise the investment that you have done in:
        ServiceNow / BMC / HP  
        ITOM analytics and IT Call Centre.
        SharePoint – We have pre-built high performance dashboards built on Performance Point.
        MS Office – We turn Excel from a static spreadsheet utility into a live & real-time report tool.
        SQL Server (we are built entirely on the Microsoft BI Stack) – 100% of our code is written in the Microsoft BI Development Studio (SSDT in SQL 2012 and beyond), helping us to fit nicely within the enterprise architecture standards of large organizations.  We continue to be a Microsoft partner.
        PowerBI – PowerBI is the Tableau killer.  It works on every mobile device, offers live data in the cloud or on premises (through Javascript API), offers connectivity to cloud and on-premises data sources and fully supports Northcraft Analytics solutions for IT because we are built upon the MSBI stack.

Do let me know would you have a defined need and 30 minutes for me to talk you through the logics. Shoot me an email @

How actionable are your IT KPI’s?

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