Gartner recently concluded that CIO’s Must Move IT From an ITIL Operational View of Services to a Strategic Business Focus

For those of you that have followed my post and even possibly read “Deliver Business value with IT” I could not agree more.

Suzanne Adnams, Katherine Lord conlude that “CIOs must move beyond an ITIL operational view of services if they want to communicate value, guide IT management decisions and mature the IT organization toward a strategic business focus.

Key Challenges CIOs pursuing service-optimized IT organizations must be able to communicate strategic business value to executives and stakeholders, as well as to the IT organisation.

The IT organization cannot move from process-optimized to service-optimized unless the de notion of services evolves from an IT operational focus to a business focus.”

From a business perspective it is key to build you service catalogue around business (often composed by service bundles that would include business and IT services such as HR on / off boarding) and IT services including cloud (to avoid cloud sprawl).

Within this frame it is critical to assure:

– the time to delivery of requested business and IT services and the ability to address bottlenecks in real time

– as well as ensure to have an acceptable business and IT incident management time to resolution with the ability to drill down to solve bottle necks in real time

Northcraft Analytics provide a best in class solution with actionable KPI’s presented in executive friendly scorecards with 1500 + Key Metrics and Key performance indicators where our pre-built Hybrid OLAP (HOLAP) BI Applications scale to meet the needs of very large IT organisations, such as ExxonMobil, Cox Enterprises, Novartis, Turner Broadcasting

Data can be presented in any format and to the required audience in a number of visual forms, can be leveraged from Microsoft Dynamics, Service Now, BMC, and installation can be on premise or on cloud and a data example can be spun up on AWS in a matter of minutes. That is we can build a demo with your data in a matter of minutes.

If you have planned to migrate from BMC / HP / CA to Service Now Northcraft gives you enough visibility to ensure services levels remain acceptable.

Northcraft permit to ensure executive buy in and effectively address bottle necks in how services are delivered and avoid “ticketing fatigue” that is when users no longer bother to submit a ticket and ensure that you run a best in class service organisation.

Do let me know would you have a defined need and 30 minutes for me to talk you through the logics. Shoot me an email @

Gartner recently concluded that CIO’s Must Move IT From an ITIL Operational View of Services to a Strategic Business Focus